Dear Goodbye.

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Welp, I’m done, Salon. Done with the clickbait articles, the constant Hillary-bashing, even (incredibly!) an article praising Trump and calling his foreign “policy” worth a look. The amateurishly written articles that read like a bunch of poorly spelled fridge magnets thrown at a wall, the complete lack of editing. The abuse of ads so bad that loading the page is a crapshoot. The safe haven for trolls and paid alt accounts. I’ve had it. I’m deleting my bookmark to you, and only visiting if referred by a site or person I respect.

Fortunately, the internet being a big place, I have a lot of places I can get news and opinion from all sides: liberal, moderate, conservative. For my snark, I recommend Wonkette.

It’s too bad. I was one of the original paid subscribers to Salon… for years. Now, you couldn’t pay me to visit. I’d love to see the Salon of old come back with in-depth news and views of quality that I never see anymore, except for people like Bob Cesca who I can read elsewhere. But until that happens… Goodbye, and I hope the analytics start to show that your stupidity is losing you revenue.